9 Features Every Website Needs in 2017

Lately I’ve had an influx of entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to be able to have their own professional website. Which is so exciting for me because I am always saying that it is the cornerstone of an online presence. Whether they want a site to blog on or to sell products in the end they should all have some basic components to be successful. Below is the list that I advise EVERY website should have.

    • You should always have a dynamic biography page. A good thing to remember is to make yourself human. While your professional accomplishments are great and should be included, don’t forget to make yourself human. This would also be a place to include several pictures. A headshot, some family or couple photos, photos of you doing hobbies you might have mentioned or volunteering where you mentioned would be great too. Pet photos are fun too.
    • If you are selling products you need to have your products available to be seen easily on the website. These need to have high-resolution clear photos with detailed descriptions and pricing.
    • If you are a service based business then you need to have a page dedicated to all the services you offer (Bullet points are good) and your pricing.
    • Shopping Cart. If you are offering products you need a great shopping cart that integrates with Paypal or accepts credit cards. Whatever cart you invest in make sure you are trained on how to set up the carts and how to process the payments accurately, such as sending receipts and getting all need information such as shipping and contact information
    • Social Media Links. You want to make sure that you are as visible to your market as possible. Make sure they can easily connect with you on the social media platforms you are on.
    • Contact information. If they need to get in touch with you for any reason you need to have a page dedicated to making that easy for them. I also like to include my phone number and email. Sometimes you can add this to the bottom of your about page.
    • You should have the ability for people to be able to share your website pages and post on social media so they can support you! Again make it easy for them to promote you.
    • I highly suggest having a blog of some kind. Something that is fluid. As in you update it regularly and are sharing the posts on social media therefore you are directing people to the site.
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimzation). Who ever builds your site needs to at least have a bottom line build in of SEO keywords. Then provide those key words to you so that you can use them in our blog posts.

At the end of the day you can do whatever you want to do there is no website police who is going to ticket you for not following these rules. Nevertheless, these are the tips that I share because I want you to be successful in your online marketing. Now if you have anymore questions or if you just want to pay someone to do it for you. You can always reach out to me.

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