Social Media Marketing is a Verb: Don’t Be Still

The word social media. Vector banner with the text colored rainbWhat’s really sad about this post is that I speak from experience. While at one time I was blogging 4 times a month, knowing I should be doing it at the best 3 times a week, I had a decent amount of site hits. Here now a year later I haven’t created a new post in months.

How cliché of me! You know how they say the plumber always has the leaking pipes. Well wouldn’t you know the social media expert has a stagnant blog.

Well not anymore!

Today I’m going to share with 3 tips about social media marketing campaigns to keep in mind.

You really want to pay attention to the big picture. This form of marketing is a great way to stay in front of your current and future market, increase website hits, and over all brand exposure. However, its imperative to look at it as one part of your whole marketing plan.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Your voice needs to be consistent. You may be using more than one platform. While each one has it’s own finesse it will serve you better to try and make the branded messaging as consistent as possible. This helps to solidify the expert status you want to achieve.
  • Have one goal with a central aim. What’s the goal: website traffic, product sales, book downloads? Decide on the goal then utilize your social media tools to help achieve. Don’t forget to give yourself a time line to stop and reassess. Sometimes these messages and campaigns need changing up.
  • Offline Messaging is important too. Any professional has a business card. Make sure that offline promotions such as billboards, commercials, and print material reflect your website or blog and that you are on social media.

Do you currently have a big picture plan for your business much less your marketing? If you need help. I do offer hourly phone/Skype consulting to help you get going in the right direction?

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