Maybe Thanksgiving isn’t all Bullshit

Thanksgiving isn't all BSRecently my family and I have moved back home to Tennessee, after living in Idaho for six years. This move at times felt like we just went away on a space mission, only to come back and pick up where we left off. Then at other times, it’s as if we never left.

But neither is really true. This Thanksgiving my PawPaw won’t be greeting us as we come in with an “Oh boy!” and his special little laugh as he so often did when my kids would come to visit.

While I have brief times of sadness , at these events they are often overshadowed by thoughts of positivity and joy. Because while one of us has ascended to somewhere beyond, our family has grown in the last six years and that’s pretty amazing.

If you are on Facebook then you might have noticed that I am an aunt B.

(Sorry you know I love you.) But in addition to being an aunt I have a little sister. She’s everything that balances my brother and has a special talent for baking and getting holes out of artificial Christmas trees. Two things I am terrible at.

Did I mention I was an aunt? Well in reality, I have been an aunt for a while thanks to my husband’s siblings. However, distance, busyness, and all those excuses life gives us really kept me from being good at it. Fortunately, for me I have several nieces and nephews, here in Tennessee, that I’m trying to make up lost time with. One even got married and once again added to the family. It was a beautiful event and exciting that we could be there.

Recently, we celebrated my youngest son’s birthday with a bonfire and a dinner. All of my side of the family and my husbands’ who live in Tennessee  joined together for some good food and good laughs. While we did a last minute trip to the ER , in all it was a fantastic laughter filled occasion.

Did you think that was all my family had grown? It’s not. My cousin had a son with his beautiful girlfriend just a few weeks before my nephew was born. So we have 2 toddlers at our holiday events. I’ve had to brush up on my child proofing. On top of that my other cousin (his sister) settled down with an amazing man who makes her smile the biggest I’ve ever seen. While they aren’t married

So he’s family as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, there is one more that was added to our brood. He’s a quiet sort who doesn’t draw a lot of attention but is content to sit back and watch. He reminds me of the things I love about my husband.

He’s my dad.

It’s funny when you come home to where you were born. Everyone here who knows me,  is aware of the uninvolved, drunkard that is my sperm donor. After a series of complete and utter let downs of step fathers who would have thought that I’d finally have a dad in my thirties. Some might scoff or make fun of the fact I call him dad.

  It really isn’t anything short of a day of thanksgiving.

Which brings me to my title. While I’m generally a sarcastic and often times cynical person I can’t help but think of the blessings my family provides me and think,

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