Tennessee Walk About: Dancing With the Stars in Hendersonville

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IMG_1545In case you didn’t already know I have moved back to my home state of Tennessee. This was a decision that my husband and I didn’t make lightly but have received immense blessings and opportunities since moving. With that said, I have rekindled my love affair with this great state. Because of that, and in my efforts to get out and about I am creating a new feature on the blog called, Tennessee Walk About. This is where I will feature a fun event, place, business, or person that I have had the pleasure of engaging with here in Tennessee.

The husband and I on our Walk About.

My best friend, Evelyn Botts, ( BEST REALTOR IN TN) lives about an hour away from me (we are pretty spread out here) and she is on the committee GFWC of Hendersonville. (We call it the Women’s Club.) She invited me to attend one of their bigger charity events.

But before I go into that let’s have a little history lesson, in the South women’s clubs have been around for ages. Most of the time their purpose are to build up the local community through charitable works and provide service to those that stand in need. The GFWC of Hendersonville is no exception to this rule.

However, I will say that they do fundraiser with a certain flair.

That event Evelyn invited me to was the fundraiser called Dancing with the Stars, Sumner County. This is an event they hold ever year. They partner with a local ball room dancing company, World Champion Productions, who teach local celebrities to dance and then compete. Just as they do on the television show. Only votes are cast in the form of monetary donations. Whichever dancer produced the most money won the competition.

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In addition to the money raised by the dancers, there is a live and silent auction where items such as a signed Gary Allen guitar and Titan’s tickets are donated to be bid on. Proceeds go to the charity of choice for that year. While the Women’s Club does this event every year, they choose a different charity to support each time.

This year it was the Sumner Teen Center.

The teen center is devoted to helping, “Sumner County middle and high school students create a successful and fulfilled life plan.” ( To see more about the teen center click the hyperlinked name.)

The ladies of the club did an outstanding job decorating and organizing the event. They set a wonderful table and also served a great three course meal. 

IMG_1446 IMG_1451 IMG_1452

One part that I found to be very inspirational was how they honored a recently deceased member.Here name was Jayme. While I never had the pleasure of her acquaintance, I’m told she was a beautiful and giving soul. She also was a great cook. As there were little red boxes of some of her World Famous Cracker Candy available to guests of the event. 


Overall the event was truly enjoyable and made me so glad to be back in Tennessee. Not because we are exceptional in community service but because I was able to be there with my bestie. It’s been six years since I was able to do that. And I’ve decided to make sure I do this as often as possible.


Marketing Tip

I wouldn’t be a marketer if I didn’t’ end this with a little tip. For business owners who have a market determined by their geographical location this is a perfect example of how to drive business to your website. By being active in the community, going to events, and sharing it in a blog and on social media you show your local market you are local. Local is a very powerful word and it’s what relationship marketing is built upon.

If your website doesn’t have a blog feature feel free to reach out for a free consultation with me.

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